LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Renten

Consistent strategy

LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Renten strengthens the capital base of sustainable companies and governments. Investors also benefit from the opportunities arising from economic, ecological and social developments. The fund thus offers a "double" return.

LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Renten primarily invests in government bonds, Pfandbrief bonds and companies with good to very good credit ratings (investment grade) and earnings-based business models geared towards ecological and social issues. The investment universe only includes issuers located in EU member states. Names are selected using the best-in-class principle. Strict exclusion criteria also apply: companies from the armament, nuclear energy, alcohol and tobacco industries and those whose production violates human rights or companies that use child labour are excluded. Government bonds from countries in possession of nuclear weapons are also excluded.

There is equal focus on safety and performance. The combination of government, Pfandbrief and corporate bonds guarantees a broad spread of investments and makes it possible to participate in the interest and credit markets.

The collaboration with oekom research AG also guarantees the most stringent sustainability standards. The company is among the world's leading rating agencies in the sustainable investment segment. It is independent both economically and in terms of its business policy. LBBW Asset Management has worked together with oekom research AG since 2002.

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