LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Aktien

Strictest quality criteria

< p>LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Aktien offers momentum for responsible business management . The fund invests in companies across Europe that stand out as a result of their above - average sustainability rating( CRR ) . The investment universe consists of European equities with the addition of ex - Europe names . The fund focuses on large - caps and mid - caps and also includes small - cap forerunners in the area of sustainability .

A stringent, multi - phase approach forms the basis for selecting the names . Roughly 200 criteria are used in reviewing the social and ecological responsibility for the equities in question . These are selected using the best - in -class principle . Strict exclusion criteria also apply: companies from the armament, nuclear energy, alcohol and tobacco industries and companies whose production violates human rights and labour laws as well as those that use child labour or animal testing are excluded .

The collaboration with oekom research AG also guarantees the most stringent sustainability standards . The company is among the world's leading rating agencies in the sustainable investment segment. It is independent both economically and in terms of its business policy. LBBW Asset Management has worked together with oekom research AG since 2002.

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