LBBW Multi Global

Well-balanced portfolio

s market assessment, a flexible equity quota of 0 % to 30 % is targeted. In selecting stocks, flexible control of this quota enables the fund management to reduce risk in tough market phases. In order to keep volatility lower than with European stock indices, the focus of stock selection is on companies with stable profit trends. This is done using a stock-picking approach. Small-caps versus large-caps, value versus growth, euro versus ex-euro: even the weighting of the sub-asset classes is altered according to the current market assessment. The fund management primarily invests in companies that get returns on their cost of capital over the long term.

Whether government or Pfandbrief bonds, corporate or covered bonds: the sub-asset classes are also dynamically weighted according to the current market assessment when it comes to bond selection.

The fund management bases its selection on a bond-picking approach. The recommendations of the buy-side sector research are at the heart of the sector allocation.

The fund management generates additional income, for example, with the addition of investments in hybrid and convertible bonds as well as in profit participation certificates and the sale of options.

Fund Profile LBBW Multi Global