Funds Overview

Fund Name ISIN Investment Focus
LBBW Aktien Minimum Varianz IDE000A0DNHX2Eurozone shares.
LBBW Dividenden Strategie Euroland IDE000A0NAUM4Eurozone blue chips, dividend strategy.
LBBW Dividenden Strategie Euroland ITDE000A0NAUN2Eurozone blue chips, dividend strategy.
LBBW Dividenden Strategie EuropaDE000A0DNHW4Eurozone blue chips, dividend strategy.
LBBW Dividenden Strategie Small & MidCaps IDE000A0KEYR3Eurozone small caps, dividend strategy.
LBBW Zyklus Strategie IDE000A0JM0M5Eurozone shares, Dividend-Cycle-Model.
Fixed Income
LBBW Geldmarktfonds IDE000A0MU763Fixed and variable interest securities and bank deposits with a maximum maturity of one year or at least an interest rate adjustment in 12 months.
LBBW RentaMax IDE000A0MU8M3Euro corporate bonds.
LBBW Unternehmensanleihen Euro OffensivDE000A1144F1Euro nonfinancial hybrid & high yield bonds.
LBBW Unternehmensanleihen Euro SelectDE000A1CW5S5Euro nonfinancial corporates.
LBBW Multi Global IDE000A1H7250Interest-bearing securities, shares and subscription warrants of German and foreign issuers, risk-averse investment strategy.
LBBW Absolute Return Strategie 1DE000A1H7227Volatility anomaly of credit risk premiums on european corporate bonds with an investmentgrade rating.
LBBW Rohstoffe 1 I EURDE000A0MU8J9Participation (indirect) on the international commodities markets.
LBBW Rohstoffe 1 I CHFDE000A1JSV64Participation (indirect) on the international commodities markets.
LBBW Rohstoffe 1 I USDDE000A1JSV56Participation (indirect) on the international commodities markets.
LBBW Rohstoffe 2 LS I EURDE000A0X97E0Participation (indirect) on the international commodities markets, market-neutral strategies (Long/Short).
LBBW Rohstoffe 2 LS I USDDE000A1JSV72Participation (indirect) on the international commodities markets, market-neutral strategies (Long/Short).
LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Aktien IDE000A0JM0Q6European shares considering ecological, social and economic aspects.
LBBW Nachhaltigkeit Renten IDE000A0X97D2Euro bonds considering ecological, social and economic aspects.

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