About us

LBBW Asset Management

We are a 100% publicly owned subsidiary of Landesbank Baden-W├╝rttemberg and assume primary responsibility for asset management within the LBBW Group. With a volume of roughly EUR 73.2 bn in total assets, we are one of the most significant asset managers in Germany.

Our most important business units are the management of

  • special funds for institutional investors
  • direct investment mandates for insurance and pension institutions
  • mutual funds for institutional and private investors

Total Assets Allocation (in bn. Euro)

Assets under Management Allocation (in bn. Euro)

Top performance requires precision work. We use our many years of experience and utmost care to provide outstanding investment solutions. Each product is specifically attuned to the wishes of institutional customers and the investment needs of private investors.

Top performance requires expertise. We concentrate on our core skills. Including:
  • European equity products with primarily value-oriented investment styles
  • European interest rate products focusing mainly on government, covered and corporate bonds
  • investment solutions in the absolute return sector
  • value-retention concepts
  • innovative investment strategies in the commodities sector
  • sustainable investment approaches for equity and interest markets
  • selected thematic funds

Total Assets Performance (in bn. Euro)

Assets under Management Performance (in bn. Euro)

Top performance requires stability. The majority of our fund managers and analysts have been working for LBBW Asset Management for many years. Their vision and sense of responsibility characterise our profile and form the basis for the sustainable success of our funds.

We do precision work and regularly convince by our outstanding investment products.

As of September 30, 2018